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Should you Repair your Vehicle or Buy New?

Tweet So, you’ve had your vehicle for a while and now you’ve noticed that you’ve been putting more and more money into it for auto repairs. After a while, this gets very stressful and very annoying. You constantly say that you refuse to put another penny into fixing your vehicle, but then you break down […]

Old Tires May be a Ticking Time Bomb

Tweet   Old tires are a serious problem and are often under-reported and lack awareness. It is probably the most serious threat to your life when it comes to your vehicle and to the millions of other drivers world-wide. Even if you are mostly a city-driver who only makes short trips, tire failure can still affect you. […]

Drivers Under Pressure When it Comes to Tires

Tweet June 2-8 is National Tire Safety Week, devoted to ensuring that tire condition and pressure is monitored by both drivers and their auto repair shops frequently and accurately. While it only takes a few minutes each month to check, tires seem to be the forgotten service all too often. As one of the most […]

Tire Pressure – Check!

Tweet                 The car is loaded, the snacks are packed, you’ve buckled up and are ready to hit the road! Is there anything you forgot to do? The front door is locked, your curling iron is unplugged, you’ve gotten an oil change, but have you checked the inflation […]

Car Accidents Leading Cause of Teen Deaths

Tweet Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause in teen deaths, but what is the leading cause of these crashes? Inexperience seems to be the most common reason for accidents, but there are many other variables which also cause serious accidents and can cause injury or be fatal for the driver and the passengers. The […]

Are your tires up for the trip?

Tweet Summer is almost here and with it comes all the summer travel for vacations, special events, and just getting away from the house.  In order to do all these things we simply jump in our vehicle and away we go.  Most of the time, we take off with very little thought to the maintenance […]