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What auto maintenance should you budget for?

Tweet   When you own a vehicle, the car payment, insurance premiums and gas costs are not the only things you should consider for your budget. There are some pretty important auto maintenance items that you can expect and need to budget for. In doing so, you’re maintaining your vehicle so that it will last […]

Extreme Temperatures: Why is my Car Overheating?

Tweet As many of us know, the hot temperatures here in Arizona can take a toll on our vehicles. Not only can it lead to certain mechanical failures in our cars, but it can also cause an overheated engine. However, what many of us might not know, is that cold weather can also cause issues […]

Increase in Cost of Car Ownership Once Again

Tweet Each year, AAA looks at the cost of driving a sedan in the United States and whether or not those costs have increased. Based on things like insurance premiums, automotive maintenance and auto repairs, and even fuel prices, they help drivers to learn the true cost of car ownership and what to expect for […]

Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

Tweet If there is one thing we can guarantee in the auto repair business, it’s the simple fact that regular oil changes are the key to vehicle preservation. So why are oil changes important? Motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and when it is depleted or full of sludge, you can be sure […]

Tips for a Vehicle That is Summer Ready

Tweet Summer is here! We know you must be as excited as we are. If you’re like most people, then you probably have some road trips and exciting travel in your future. But will you be able to rely on your vehicle to get you there safely and easily? Knowing how to prepare your vehicle […]

Invest in Your Car the Right Way

Tweet When you buy a car, you’re making one of the biggest investments of your life, usually second  only to a house. After spending all that money, you want to make sure it lasts and you get your money’s worth, right? Putting thousands of dollars into repairs, maintenance and problems along the way ruins your […]

Spring Maintenance Brings Summer Fun

Tweet Have you ever planned a road trip or vacation only to be let down by your vehicle? Summer is a popular time to hit the road, but you won’t go very far if your vehicle isn’t ready… even though you may be. You and the kids have been waiting all year to enjoy time […]

Are Cheap Oil Changes Really a Good Deal?

Tweet Hopefully, you all know the importance of a regular oil change in your vehicles. It is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective preventative maintenance items you can perform on your vehicle. Not only will it help maintain your vehicle for the long haul, it will ensure that your engine is continuously protected […]

Cheap oil change? Not the savings you thought!

Tweet We have all been guilty of cutting corners, but how many times has that ever backfired? Have you ever tried to find the cheapest deal on something just to save a few extra bucks – but it wasn’t worth it? If you’re like the rest of us, it’s probably happened once or twice. Something […]

Holiday Travel Includes Car Maintenance

Tweet No one wants to be stuck on the side of a highway when they should be at the dinner table eating Thanksgiving with friends and family. And with AAA predicting the most travel since 2007, there are plenty of drivers who need their cars road trip ready. Our auto repair shop is ready to […]