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Avoiding the Nightmare of Costly Auto Repairs

Tweet We all know SOMEONE who has had the misfortune of having to pay for major auto repairs. They can suck whatever savings there may be in the bank and then some. Sometimes, expensive auto repairs leave people in credit card debt, other times it leaves them with a vehicle that they cannot afford to […]

Is it worth it to invest in high mileage oil?

Tweet Some of us live in our cars. We eat in them, work in them and sometimes, even sleep in them. Over the years, the miles begin to start adding up. If you happen to own a vehicle with over 75,000 miles on it, you are going to be confronted with a few maintenance issues […]

Clunk! Signs it’s Time to Schedule a Tune-up

Tweet Do you ever wonder if the sound your vehicle is making is normal? If it sounds like you’re grinding silverware in a blender every time you start your car, it’s a no brainer that your car needs a trip to the auto repair shop. But sometimes it’s not that easy to know when we […]

Car Battery Betrayal: Why did it Die?

Tweet Have you ever had a morning where you just wanted to throw in the towel? You wake up late, the coffee overflows from the pot, you can’t find your keys, and when you finally run out the door, you find that your car battery is dead. If so, you are not alone! It is […]

Don’t Get Auto Repair Scammed!

Tweet   As a motorist, you need to be constantly aware. This time, we aren’t talking about avoiding accidents on the road, we’re talking about auto repair scams that could happen to anyone. If you don’t currently have an honest auto repair shop that you can trust, there are a few things we want you to know […]

Monsoon Madness!

Tweet When you live in Arizona, New Mexico or many other places in the Southwest, you know that monsoons and flash floods can threaten you at any time during the warmer months. It is one thing when you’re protected being inside, but when you’re driving and a monsoon comes through, it can threaten your safety. […]

Electric Cars in 2014

Tweet It is true that hybrid vehicles have yet to gain the popular vote, instead they have been more of a niche vehicle, owned by few and doubted by many. However, with several luxury automakers releasing hybrid vehicles of their own in 2014, things are about to change.  In fact, 2014 may prove to be […]

More Older Vehicles on the Road, More Maintenance Please

Tweet As you drive near the city limits, there is no doubt that you can see the number of vehicles on the road has increased in recent years. We battle traffic, air pollution and longer commutes prompting us to rely on our vehicles more than ever. But with more vehicles on the road, proper vehicle […]


Tweet You may ask what your Tempe auto repair shop knows about babies, but it’s September and we’re celebrating Baby Safety Month here too!  When parents bring a new baby into their lives, they are not just receiving a child, they are also accepting full responsibility for all that comes along with such a tiny […]

Proper Fluid Disposal Vital for Water Quality

Tweet Awareness and responsibility for our own actions is the key to protecting and sustaining the environment and the world we live in. The little things we all do when it comes to throwing away garbage or spilling something small may not ruin ocean life or contaminant the water for an entire community, but together […]