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Simple Car Maintenance Tips for Summer Road Trips

Tweet Packing up the car and hitting the road is on everyone’s calendar right now. Before you hit the road however, it is important to have your local auto repair shop perform a few basic car maintenance items. Tires Let’s start with the tires that hit the pavement. Bald, slick tires are hazardous on the […]

How to Manage Mind-Blowing Auto Repair Costs

Tweet There isn’t much worse than getting an auto repair bill that makes you want to fall to your knees, punch something, tear your hair out and cry at the same time. But most of us have been in that situation where we had to find a way to pay for some major repairs because […]

How can you improve driving safety? Smartphone Apps!

Tweet Driving safety is a huge concern, and by now, most of us are aware that using our phones while driving is one of the most dangerous things we can do in the car. Looking down at a text message, checking email and Snapchatting are exceptionally dangerous and have been the cause of way too […]

Damaging Your Vehicle One Bad Habit at a Time

Tweet We are all guilty of some driving habits that aren’t exactly what we were taught in driving school or in driver’s education. But it’s easy to fall into the habit of doing something, and it can be hard to reverse it. However, here at Good Works Auto Repair, our main goal is to maintain […]

Should you Repair your Vehicle or Buy New?

Tweet So, you’ve had your vehicle for a while and now you’ve noticed that you’ve been putting more and more money into it for auto repairs. After a while, this gets very stressful and very annoying. You constantly say that you refuse to put another penny into fixing your vehicle, but then you break down […]

Increase in Cost of Car Ownership Once Again

Tweet Each year, AAA looks at the cost of driving a sedan in the United States and whether or not those costs have increased. Based on things like insurance premiums, automotive maintenance and auto repairs, and even fuel prices, they help drivers to learn the true cost of car ownership and what to expect for […]

Common AC System Problems You’ll Want Repaired

Tweet When you take your vehicle for routine maintenance or a scheduled check-up, the priority is typically with the engine, or other essential vehicle systems. Consequently, this means owners often overlook any issues that could develop with their air conditioning system and fail to have it routinely inspected. This could dramatically impact the vehicle with any […]

Are you Increasing or Decreasing Your Investment?

Tweet When you buy a car, you’re making an investment. But along the way, what you add to your vehicle or how you maintain it could add value or decrease the value of your vehicle. Preventative vehicle maintenance and routine service can add value to your vehicle in the end as you preserve the condition and […]

Avoiding Repair Scams with a Repair Shop You Trust

Tweet Finding a good, honest auto repair shop like Good Works Auto Repair can save you a lot of time, money and stress in the long run. Why? It could help you to avoid auto scams. Auto scams are a popular method for making money off of innocent and unaware consumers. Finding honest auto repair isn’t as […]

Why Auto Repair Phone Quotes Don’t Work

Tweet Any financially savvy person knows that it is important to know the cost of something before committing to purchasing. While this is certainly true, there are some goods and services where an absolute price is impossible to determine beforehand; automotive repair is one of those things. There are so many variables when it comes to […]