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How can you improve driving safety? Smartphone Apps!

Tweet Driving safety is a huge concern, and by now, most of us are aware that using our phones while driving is one of the most dangerous things we can do in the car. Looking down at a text message, checking email and Snapchatting are exceptionally dangerous and have been the cause of way too […]

What Makes a Female Friendly Auto Repair Shop?

Tweet   There has been a focus lately on finding female friendly auto repair shops, and for good reasons. Historically, auto repair has been solidly in the “man camp” but all of that is changing; female customers make up 60% – 70% of repair shop clients these days. Women today make more than half of […]

Increase in Cost of Car Ownership Once Again

Tweet Each year, AAA looks at the cost of driving a sedan in the United States and whether or not those costs have increased. Based on things like insurance premiums, automotive maintenance and auto repairs, and even fuel prices, they help drivers to learn the true cost of car ownership and what to expect for […]

Cars Damaged by Dust Storms in Arizona

Tweet If you’re new to Arizona, then you may or may not have experienced a dust storm. If you’ve been a resident for a long time, then you probably have. Many of our customers come in to our  auto repair shop because they’re concerned about the damage that their vehicle may have suffered after a dust […]

Monsoon Madness!

Tweet When you live in Arizona, New Mexico or many other places in the Southwest, you know that monsoons and flash floods can threaten you at any time during the warmer months. It is one thing when you’re protected being inside, but when you’re driving and a monsoon comes through, it can threaten your safety. […]

Driverless Technology – The Future of Automobiles?

Tweet There’s no question about it, technology is fascinating, and with each technological advance there seems to be another one right behind it, pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom. We have long dreamed about the day that automobiles would drive themselves, and while this technology seemed to be somewhere in the nebulous future, the reality is […]

Avoiding Repair Scams with a Repair Shop You Trust

Tweet Finding a good, honest auto repair shop like Good Works Auto Repair can save you a lot of time, money and stress in the long run. Why? It could help you to avoid auto scams. Auto scams are a popular method for making money off of innocent and unaware consumers. Finding honest auto repair isn’t as difficult […]

Automotive Recalls: What you Need to Know

Tweet “Record breaking” sounds pretty cool… well until you realize that it is not for something good! This has been the plight of the automotive industry lately; in 2014 they recalled approximately 60 million – yes, 60 MILLION – automobiles,  almost double the previous record set almost 10 years ago. It seems like every few […]

Water Damage from Flooding

Tweet Flooding is a major event in a person’s life that can cause catastrophic damage to their home, their vehicle and their livelihood. In recent weeks, Arizona has seen heavy rains which have led to road and parking lot flooding. Now that the weather has begun to clear up, it is time to survey the […]

Fixing the Little Things Early Saves on the Big Things Later

Tweet We are all guilty of procrastinating in life, but when it comes to our vehicles, it does more harm than good. When you see, hear or feel a problem with your vehicle, it is best to take it into your trusted auto repair shop before something major happens, and it will. Fixing the little […]