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The Hybrid Continues to Make its Mark

Tweet There was a time not too long ago when hybrid vehicles were considered a niche vehicle and many consumers assumed that they would never find their place in the mainstream automotive industry.  Considering the variety of hybrid vehicles we see on a daily basis in our Hybrid Shop, that mindset has obviously changed significantly over […]

Electric Cars in 2014

Tweet It is true that hybrid vehicles have yet to gain the popular vote, instead they have been more of a niche vehicle, owned by few and doubted by many. However, with several luxury automakers releasing hybrid vehicles of their own in 2014, things are about to change.  In fact, 2014 may prove to be […]

Hybrid Battery Pack Conditioning

Tweet There are a number of reasons why consumers purchase a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) instead of the standard internal combustion engine – and significant fuel cost savings along with a greener environment top the list.  Once you purchase your HEV though, you need to be diligent in keeping it properly maintained.  They are technologically […]

Hybrid Vehicles Deserve Specialized Care and Repair

Tweet Hybrid vehicles are popular around the world thanks to the many benefits they offer. But today, with many more automakers creating hybrids among their fleets and adding standard features that Americans can now afford, we see more hybrids on the roads as of lately. As your local auto repair shop we also believe that […]

Value of Hybrid Battery Conditioning

Tweet Chances are you bought a hybrid vehicle to save money on fuel, go greener for the sake of the environment, and to enjoy the performance that hybrid vehicles can afford you. But as with all vehicles, hybrids need regular maintenance and hybrid repair services in order to get the most out of your investment […]

We Know Hybrids

Tweet If hybrid vehicles have one bad stereotype, it is that they are difficult and expensive to repair. For some drivers, the difference between purchasing a hybrid vehicle and a regular vehicle is the maintenance and care that is involved. Although it is true that hybrids do require some special care, it is still similar […]