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Overpaying for Repairs Ends with the Right Repair Shop

Tweet Americans are over-paying for auto repairs for numerous reasons, but the bottom line is that they may not be choosing the right auto repair shop who will give honest recommendations as well as providing the appropriate repairs to keep their vehicle running smoothly and safely on the road. It is important to know just how to […]

Old Tires May be a Ticking Time Bomb

Tweet   Old tires are a serious problem and are often under-reported and lack awareness. It is probably the most serious threat to your life when it comes to your vehicle and to the millions of other drivers world-wide. Even if you are mostly a city-driver who only makes short trips, tire failure can still affect you. […]

Car Care Starts with Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Tweet April is Car Care Month, the perfect time to get your car to a trusted auto repair shop for some preventative vehicle maintenance and routine checks. Monitoring the condition of your vehicle and its parts can save a lot of time and money in the future. In fact, a vehicle properly maintained and kept […]

Shopping For Green

Tweet In today’s world, it’s not uncommon to hear the term “going green” many times in a short time period.  It’s in the media and it often finds its way into our everyday conversations among friends as well.  But what exactly does “going green” mean? In simple terms, “going green” means choosing a lifestyle and […]

Improving Auto Repair Experiences

Tweet We aim to please all of our customers with professional technicians and excellent customer service. We try to make your repairs as easy and painless as they can be, but also recommend you bring your vehicle in routinely for preventative maintenance services. Regular maintenance, according to one article from Fox News, “keeps a vehicle […]

Don’t Wait Until You’re Stuck

Tweet What’s the one thing worse than going to the dentist? Probably anything to do with your car! Everyone knows that going to purchase a new car, you’re going to get ripped off. Likewise, every time you must take your car to a mechanic, you wait with gritted teeth for the bill. Why is it […]