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Summer Gas Saving Tips

Tweet Summer driving is here. Road trips are being planned, and the kids are busy running from activity to activity.  What can you do so that each errand doesn’t include a stop at the gas station? A few simple changes in your driving habits can save you money at the pump. One of the biggest […]

Is it worth it to invest in high mileage oil?

Tweet Some of us live in our cars. We eat in them, work in them and sometimes, even sleep in them. Over the years, the miles begin to start adding up. If you happen to own a vehicle with over 75,000 miles on it, you are going to be confronted with a few maintenance issues […]

Clunk! Signs it’s Time to Schedule a Tune-up

Tweet Do you ever wonder if the sound your vehicle is making is normal? If it sounds like you’re grinding silverware in a blender every time you start your car, it’s a no brainer that your car needs a trip to the auto repair shop. But sometimes it’s not that easy to know when we […]

Keep Your Engine Clean with Air Induction Service

Tweet When is the last time you checked to see how clean your engine was? Is it clogged with dust, debris or gunk? If you’ve never had an air induction service, then it very well could be. Over time, as you drive road after road, your fuel system can get dirty. Deposits accumulate on intake valves, […]

Driverless Technology – The Future of Automobiles?

Tweet There’s no question about it, technology is fascinating, and with each technological advance there seems to be another one right behind it, pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom. We have long dreamed about the day that automobiles would drive themselves, and while this technology seemed to be somewhere in the nebulous future, the reality is […]

Breaking Down Out of Town

Tweet As if the holidays aren’t stressful enough when you’re traveling out of town – imagine breaking down and not knowing why or where to bring your vehicle! The added costs of vehicle repairs around the holidays are enough to make anyone go crazy. According to AAA, travel breakdowns around the holidays are more common […]

Is an Oxygen Sensor Necessary?

Tweet An internal combustion engine is actually a fairly simple concept; combustion, otherwise known as burning, is the chemical process inside an engine where the ignition of a fuel and oxygen mixture creates energy for the engine to run. This combustion, however, requires a precise ratio of fuel to oxygen in order for the engine […]

Failed Emissions? Now What?

Tweet As more and more vehicles are found in the metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson areas, there is an increase in air pollution that endangers public health. To improve air quality and reduce vehicle emissions in these areas, ADEQ administers a mandatory vehicle emissions testing and repair program known as Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP). Vehicle emissions […]

The Hybrid Continues to Make its Mark

Tweet There was a time not too long ago when hybrid vehicles were considered a niche vehicle and many consumers assumed that they would never find their place in the mainstream automotive industry.  Considering the variety of hybrid vehicles we see on a daily basis in our Hybrid Shop, that mindset has obviously changed significantly over […]

Breathing Life into Used Hybrid Batteries

Tweet Most hybrid batteries are designed to last the lifetime of the hybrid vehicle, but that doesn’t mean they will perform like new throughout its lifetime. Many HEV battery packs need to be conditioned or regenerated periodically to prevent them from becoming sluggish or losing fuel efficiency. Hybrid owners often get sticker shock after their […]