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There’s Nothing Worse Than a Car That Won’t Start

You’re in an empty parking lot and your car won’t start. You’re already late for work and you can’t start your vehicle in your driveway. You’re trying to leave the grocery store with items that need to get in the freezer and your vehicle won’t start. It’s frustrating and stressful! Sure, many times these situations can be due to a dead car battery, but there could also be an issue with your car starter failing or in need of replacement.

Car starters today are attached to the rear of your motor, where a gear aligns with the vehicle’s flywheel, the place where the ignition process begins. When the engine turns over, fuel is delivered to the combustion chamber where it is ignited, and the ignition system is activated. This is basically how your engine comes to life. When the car starter begins to wear out or is broken in some capacity, your motor won’t start and you’re stranded.

This can happen over time and is not uncommon. Most people hope for a dead battery instead of the starter, but there are some symptoms to look out for so that you may be able to determine if a faulty starter is to blame, and you can get help from your trusted auto repair shop. Issues with your starter are best left to the expertise of a mechanic.

How can you tell if your car starter is failing? Look out for these symptoms!

  • You turn the key and nothing happens. This is the most common symptom – your engine simply won’t turn over.
  • The starter engages but doesn’t spin the motor. This could mean a problem with the gears not connecting with the flywheel.
  • There is a grinding noise when trying to start the motor. This could mean worn gears.
  • You see or smell smoke when starting the motor. This could be due to a short circuit, a blown fuse or a problem with the ignition switch.

All issues with a faulty car starter are best left to be repaired by a trusted auto repair shop. Our mechanics have the tools and knowledge to fix any and all components of your car starter or ignition system and can diagnose and repair the issue without taking too much time or it costing you too much money. We know you have places to go and things to do!

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