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How to Get your Vehicle Road Trip Ready!

Tweet Are you one of the 45.5 million Americans who are estimated to be on the road this Thanksgiving weekend? That’s right, AAA has estimated that of the anticipated 51 million travelers this weekend, 89% of them are planning a road trip – there are going to be a LOT of cars on the road. […]

Paid Your Transmission Any Thought Lately?

Tweet If you drive a truck or haul a heavy trailer frequently, you probably pay attention to your transmission. For the rest of the general population, however, the transmission is often simply “out of sight, out of mind”. Transmissions are one of the hardest working parts of your car, and one of the most expensive […]

Maintaining Your Transmission

Tweet Among the several aspects of car maintenance, transmission fluid change and transmission fluid flush are perhaps the most crucial ones. While transmission fluid change has to be executed at regular intervals, one has to ideally opt for transmission fluid flush once in a while in order to ensure that the various transmission problems are […]