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Old Tires May be a Ticking Time Bomb

Tweet   Old tires are a serious problem and are often under-reported and lack awareness. It is probably the most serious threat to your life when it comes to your vehicle and to the millions of other drivers world-wide. Even if you are mostly a city-driver who only makes short trips, tire failure can still affect you. […]

Properly Inflated Tires Means Gas Savings and Road Safety

Tweet One of the easiest ways to put a little extra money back into your own pocket is to save money on gas. There are many ways we can do this, but one of the quickest and most cost-effective tips is to drive with the properly inflated tires. According to, “tires are not inflated […]

Don’t Be A Statistic This Holiday Season

Tweet Last week one prominent auto club published a piece indicating that they anticipate that they will come to the rescue of more than 1.4 million stranded motorists during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. That’s a lot of tow trucks, drivers, batteries, spare tires, and jump starts. Instead, we’d like to give you a […]

Tires Getting Fresh Breath Of Air

Tweet Humans breath oxygen, plants breath carbon dioxide, tires breath nitrogen…. WHAT? I know, you’re thinking I’ve lost my mind, but have you noticed little green valve stem caps appearing on some people’s tires? That green cap signifies that those tires are filled with nitrogen instead of plain old air. No, tires don’t need special […]