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Help! My Car is Shaking Like Crazy!

Tweet What causes a vehicle to vibrate? Have you ever been driving along and suddenly the steering wheel on your car is vibrating out of control? Almost every driver has experienced some sort of shaky, bumpy or vibrating driving from time to time. Don’t Ignore It Never ignore those shakes and shimmers; they could be […]

Should you Replace your Shocks?

Tweet Many drivers don’t realize it, but doing a yearly inspection of your vehicle’s shocks should be a routine preventative maintenance item; they are a vital component to vehicle safety.  Tires are made up of predominately rubber, and if you have ever taken one off a car you know how bouncy they can be.  Now just […]

Cornering and Flying Over Bumps Isn’t Good Driving

Tweet Our vehicles are made to sustain a certain amount of abuse, however excessive hard driving can really bring on the wear in a hurry. Going too fast around corners, a few screeched tires, and a little cramming on the brakes is the normal way a teenager drives, but it shouldn’t be the normal driving […]

Vehicle Suspension Got You In The Gutter?

Tweet The suspension system is the most important auto system installed in the vehicle. It is the part that makes riding in the car more than bearable, it can be most comfortable. Not only does it keep the vehicle in one piece, it has the job of dampening the up and down movement created by […]

Is Your Car Going Shake, Rattle, and Roll?

Tweet The old Model A car certainly didn’t have a smooth ride. In fact when it went down a dirt road there was no way to carry on an understandable conversation with anyone in it. All the jiggles and jounces could be completely unsettling. Vehicles have come so far over the years, from not being […]