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Pre-Purchase Inspection Means Post-Purchase Confidence

Tweet When you make the decision to buy a used vehicle, you’re making a financial investment no matter how big or small. Whether it is a high-mileage or low-mileage used vehicle, this vehicle has some sort of story behind it. If you’re not looking for surprises or other repairs that come up once the keys […]

Age Doesn’t Need To Slow You Down

Tweet It’s interesting to notice how our taste in cars changes as we age. When we’re young, it’s all about looks and power. Then comes the day when we try to figure out what we need to haul our bikes, camping gear, or kids. Eventually, our needs change again and we start looking for the […]

Before You Buy A Used Car

Tweet New car sticker shock sends many of us shopping for previously-owned cars, but there is a measure of risk that accompanies purchasing a used car. What if that car is barely hanging together and is ready to fall apart? Or, on a more positive note, the car is in perfect condition and worth every […]