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Extreme Temperatures: Why is my Car Overheating?

Tweet As many of us know, the hot temperatures here in Arizona can take a toll on our vehicles. Not only can it lead to certain mechanical failures in our cars, but it can also cause an overheated engine. However, what many of us might not know, is that cold weather can also cause issues […]

Overheated Engines – So Not Cool

Tweet There is nothing cool about driving a vehicle and having it overheat. Not only could it become a dangerous situation, but it also is quite a hassle when you are trying to get somewhere. Overheating could be caused by anything that decreases the cooling systems ability to absorb, transport, and dissipate heat. For example, […]

Save Yourself from the Heat of Cooling System Failure

Tweet According to AAA, cooling system failures are one of the leading causes of vehicle break-downs on the highway. Yet most of these breakdowns can be prevented by the following preventative maintenance by a trusted auto repair shop. Cooling system neglect is cited as a principal reason for mechanical failure of a vehicle. In addition […]

Does your car leave coolant in its parking spot?

Tweet Every vehicle has a cooling system both for the comfort of the passengers but also for the benefit of the engine itself. Engines produce heat while they are running; the cooling system keeps the engine from completely melting down. The water pump is the most important part of the cooling system, without the pump […]

Are you overheating in your car?

Tweet Now that summer has arrived and the heat is rising so is the temperature inside the car during the day. The air conditioner can’t cool it off fast enough. The fact is that the insides of vehicles are much hotter than it is outside. We hear every year that it isn’t safe to leave […]

Summer is arriving full speed ahead

Tweet The weather is turning right into summer with warm temperatures getting even warmer. The air conditioners are being turned on full blast to help people cool off. Hopefully most of the cars out there have been serviced recently to ensure the air conditioner will work well all summer. For those that haven’t been serviced […]