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There’s Nothing Worse Than a Car That Won’t Start

Tweet You’re in an empty parking lot and your car won’t start. You’re already late for work and you can’t start your vehicle in your driveway. You’re trying to leave the grocery store with items that need to get in the freezer and your vehicle won’t start. It’s frustrating and stressful! Sure, many times these […]

How to Manage Mind-Blowing Auto Repair Costs

Tweet There isn’t much worse than getting an auto repair bill that makes you want to fall to your knees, punch something, tear your hair out and cry at the same time. But most of us have been in that situation where we had to find a way to pay for some major repairs because […]

Extreme Temperatures: Why is my Car Overheating?

Tweet As many of us know, the hot temperatures here in Arizona can take a toll on our vehicles. Not only can it lead to certain mechanical failures in our cars, but it can also cause an overheated engine. However, what many of us might not know, is that cold weather can also cause issues […]

Increase in Cost of Car Ownership Once Again

Tweet Each year, AAA looks at the cost of driving a sedan in the United States and whether or not those costs have increased. Based on things like insurance premiums, automotive maintenance and auto repairs, and even fuel prices, they help drivers to learn the true cost of car ownership and what to expect for […]

Don’t let your brakes break the bank!

Tweet There are many parts of a car that we tend to see people ignore until they break – and then suddenly what could have been inexpensive preventative maintenance is suddenly a major repair that is expensive. Brakes are one of those things that are quick and painless to take care of, but can easily run […]

Car Care Starts with Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Tweet April is Car Care Month, the perfect time to get your car to a trusted auto repair shop for some preventative vehicle maintenance and routine checks. Monitoring the condition of your vehicle and its parts can save a lot of time and money in the future. In fact, a vehicle properly maintained and kept […]

Safety Comes First When Jumpstarting a Dead Battery

Tweet There is nothing more inconvenient than a dead battery. It will literally strand you without the use of your vehicle, and without the help of either a jump box or another motorist it can lead to a stressful and desperate situation. Although the ultimate goal of jump starting a battery is to get your […]

Resolution Facts of the Matter

Tweet This time of the year, we hear the “R” word being thrown around everywhere. No, not repair but rather “resolution.” The New Year is a time to reflect on the previous year and set goals to make changes or improvements to our lives. But how many of us will actually keep our resolutions for […]

Staying out of a slippery situation

Tweet Hy·dro·plane (Spelled [hahy-druh-pleyn] noun, verb, hy·dro·planed, hy·dro·plan·ing.  Also aquaplane. (of a vehicular tire or vehicle) to ride on a film of water on a wet surface with a resulting decrease in braking and steering effectiveness. Hydroplaning here in the Tempe area and most of Arizona doesn’t necessarily mean excessive water, but a different type […]

Holiday Shopping Panic

Tweet Yep, it’s that time of year again. Many of us are still rushing to the malls on our lunch breaks and as soon as work is over in the hopes that we can cross just one more Christmas present off the shopping list. In another week or so, even the most die-hard procrastinators will […]