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Summer Gas Saving Tips

Tweet Summer driving is here. Road trips are being planned, and the kids are busy running from activity to activity.  What can you do so that each errand doesn’t include a stop at the gas station? A few simple changes in your driving habits can save you money at the pump. One of the biggest […]

Keep Your Engine Clean with Air Induction Service

Tweet When is the last time you checked to see how clean your engine was? Is it clogged with dust, debris or gunk? If you’ve never had an air induction service, then it very well could be. Over time, as you drive road after road, your fuel system can get dirty. Deposits accumulate on intake valves, […]

Breathing Life into Used Hybrid Batteries

Tweet Most hybrid batteries are designed to last the lifetime of the hybrid vehicle, but that doesn’t mean they will perform like new throughout its lifetime. Many HEV battery packs need to be conditioned or regenerated periodically to prevent them from becoming sluggish or losing fuel efficiency. Hybrid owners often get sticker shock after their […]

87 Octane a Fine Choice

Tweet Your vehicle is an investment and most drivers make an honest attempt to care for it the best they can. Sometimes this means putting a lot of money into it, and sometimes it means just going through the process of preventative maintenance to keep it running smoothly. No matter how you value or care […]

Signs of Incorrect Tire Pressure

Tweet Having the proper air pressure in your tires is a crucial part of ensuring the safety of yourself, your passengers, and others on the road. After your brakes, your tires are the next most important safety feature of your vehicle. It is important to be sure to have your tire pressure checked during all […]

Think Gas Prices Have Peaked? Think Again

Tweet With the summer driving season coming into full swing, it is painful to hear that gas prices will continue to increase without an end in sight. What is even more painful is the amount of money we dish out at the pump and could be spending on so many other things. Every driver can […]

BG Products the Best for Your Vehicle

Tweet It isn’t sold at all repair shops, but BG Products are known by all car experts. In a recent radio show, host Rush Limbaugh even acknowledges that all people in the industry of automobiles know this product, and if they claim they don’t, they’re lying and trying to get you to buy what they […]