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Summer Gas Saving Tips

Tweet Summer driving is here. Road trips are being planned, and the kids are busy running from activity to activity.  What can you do so that each errand doesn’t include a stop at the gas station? A few simple changes in your driving habits can save you money at the pump. One of the biggest […]

How can you improve driving safety? Smartphone Apps!

Tweet Driving safety is a huge concern, and by now, most of us are aware that using our phones while driving is one of the most dangerous things we can do in the car. Looking down at a text message, checking email and Snapchatting are exceptionally dangerous and have been the cause of way too […]

Clunk! Signs it’s Time to Schedule a Tune-up

Tweet Do you ever wonder if the sound your vehicle is making is normal? If it sounds like you’re grinding silverware in a blender every time you start your car, it’s a no brainer that your car needs a trip to the auto repair shop. But sometimes it’s not that easy to know when we […]

Breathing Life into Used Hybrid Batteries

Tweet Most hybrid batteries are designed to last the lifetime of the hybrid vehicle, but that doesn’t mean they will perform like new throughout its lifetime. Many HEV battery packs need to be conditioned or regenerated periodically to prevent them from becoming sluggish or losing fuel efficiency. Hybrid owners often get sticker shock after their […]

Don’t Change Your Plans, Change Your Driving Habits to Save Gas Money

Tweet Chances are, like any average American driver, you plan gas into your monthly budget, pay more attention to how much you are driving and the gas you are using, and maybe even have changed some of your everyday habits or road trips plans to afford the present gas prices which are still above average. […]

Are you Road-Trip Ready?

Tweet Summer is here and so is the season of road-tripping. With warmer weather and longer daylight hours many people bid farewell to the winter blues by hitting the highways for some road-trip therapy. According to Road and Travel, most aren’t aware that this is actually the most dangerous time. The period between Memorial Day […]

Reduce the Stress of your Commute

Tweet According to the Census bureau, the average US commute is 24.4 minutes with a fair portion driving more than 90 minutes each way to work. Whether your personal commute averages 25 minutes or is upwards of 90 minutes each way, a commute causes stress – on your vehicle and you behind the wheel. Stop […]

Do You Know the Benefits of Preventative Maintenance?

Tweet Our automobiles are truly amazing machines that are expected to function in rain, snow, wind and good weather too. A well maintained vehicle speaks volumes about the owner; more importantly, it will not desert us when we need it most. We rely on our vehicles to get us everywhere and we don’t make time […]

Is Premium Gas Worth a Premium Price?

Tweet Fuel price is often the reason we buy low octane fuel instead of buying mid-grade or high octane fuel. Instead of buying because of the price, we should consider a few other good reasons. All vehicles have an owner’s manual that tells what fuel is recommended for that particular vehicle. Since our car is […]

Could It Be Your Driving?

Tweet Often we read about the most fuel-efficient cars, the government’s attempts to get us to buy cars that get good mileage, and modifications we can make to our cars to help them run more efficiently. Recently, however, I began to wonder, is my driving partly to blame for my gas bill? The reason I […]