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Breaking Down Out of Town

Tweet As if the holidays aren’t stressful enough when you’re traveling out of town – imagine breaking down and not knowing why or where to bring your vehicle! The added costs of vehicle repairs around the holidays are enough to make anyone go crazy. According to AAA, travel breakdowns around the holidays are more common […]

Is Your Vehicle Summer Ready?

Tweet Getting your vehicle prepared for some safe summer driving is just as important as preparing your itinerary. Before you head out on the road for a road-trip style vacation, you may want to get your vehicle into your local auto repair shop for some check-ups and check-overs. Things like tires, fluids, and your cooling […]

Going on a Green Road Trip

Tweet April 22nd was Earth Day and our auto repair shop wants to remind you that our environment and our planet are precious enough to celebrate every day, not just one day each year. So as road trip season comes to a start, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of the best […]

Protect your investment with proper maintenance

Tweet A vehicle is an investment and most people put in a lot of money from the get-go and do not necessarily plan on putting in thousands of dollars down the road on repairs and service. Sure, vehicles will need some TLC which costs money, but the best way to be money smart when it […]