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Trusted Auto Repair in the Phoenix Area

Tweet We offer many services, but one that we think you deserve the most here at your trusted Tempe auto repair and Mesa auto repair is as simple as changing your air filter. An air filter is just a small component of the amazing systems which make up your vehicle and keep it running at […]

Replacing Your Car’s Air Filter Could Save You in the End

Tweet It seems as though we are always changing filters to keep our things running effectively. We change the filters in our air conditioners, furnaces, and even our coffee pots! But when is the last time you thought about changing the air filter in your car? As important as it is to your vehicle, it […]

Is Your Car A Gas Guzzler? It Might Not Need To Be.

Tweet Let’s do a little quick math… If you commute an average 16 miles each way to work, that’s 32 miles a day. Since your car’s mileage hasn’t been so great lately, you likely only got 14 miles to the gallon. If you managed to hit the cheapest gas in Tempe, you probably paid $2.43 […]

Checked Your Air Filter Lately?

Tweet Service technicians everywhere agree that changing your automotive air filter is the easiest and cheapest way to prolong your car’s life and performance levels. According to a study conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, replacing a clogged air filter can improve acceleration time by 6 to 11 percent and in some cars improve fuel […]