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Protecting your Vehicle Investment

With approximately 17.6 million new cars on the road this year, and the average price of a new car at $34,000, how do you make sure that your vehicle stays in top shape? Modern vehicles are wonders of engineering. In just the past decade, maintenance intervals for things like spark plugs, emissions, and cooling systems have been stretched out to 100,000 miles in some

But the need for periodic maintenance hasn’t changed. In fact, given the longer life expectancy of today’s vehicles, the need for periodic maintenance has never been greater if you expect to get the most from what has become the second biggest investment most individuals will ever make.

To protect this investment and to get the maximum reliability and safety from the vehicle you depend upon daily, you need to establish and follow a maintenance plan and have a reliable auto repair shop you can trust with your investment.

ASE technicians can be found at every type of repair facility: new car dealerships, independent garages, service stations, franchised outlets, collision shops, tire dealers, parts stores and more. There are more than 360,000 ASE-certified professionals at work nationally. Repair facilities employing ASE professionals usually display the distinctive blue and white ASE sign on the premises and post their technicians’ credentials in their customer service areas.

Keep in mind that the engine is the heart of your vehicle and probably the costliest to repair when something goes wrong. Modern electronic controls have eliminated a lot of adjustments, and what we used to call a “tune-up” has evolved into something akin to a complete physical, where most of the work involved is designed to verify proper operation of computer control systems.

While it’s true that new cars and trucks run cleaner than ever before, the engine and all its related control systems must be kept operating exactly as designed to prevent increased engine emissions and a host of other problems. Keep in mind that it is better to find a reliable auto repair shop before you need one.  Do some research, ask for referrals, and read the reviews online.

If you think you found a dependable shop, take your car in for a simple oil change.  This will give you great insight on customer service, pricing, and performance.  Now is the time to ask questions about warranties, check for professionalism and customer service.

Following a regular vehicle maintenance program is the best insurance you have against unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. It also pays dividends by allowing you to get the most out of your transportation investment. Finding the right auto repair shop will make taking care of your investment that much easier.

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