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Is it worth it to invest in high mileage oil?

GWAR Oil ChangeSome of us live in our cars. We eat in them, work in them and sometimes, even sleep in them. Over the years, the miles begin to start adding up. If you happen to own a vehicle with over 75,000 miles on it, you are going to be confronted with a few maintenance issues and some car repairs.

You’ve heard us say it before, but regular preventative maintenance is the secret weapon to vehicle longevity, and it always will be. Consistent oil changes top the list for preventing early engine failure. When your car reaches 75,000 plus miles, one thing you will need to take into consideration is switching over to high mileage oil. But is it really worth the extra expense?

Industry experts maintain that there are distinct differences in oil, especially oil formulated for high mileage cars. Most will have a seal conditioner added to them. So what will this do for your car? The added conditioners can help shrink, and in some cases, even stop small leaks. They can even help condition other parts of you vehicle, which in turn will make your engine happy.

Drips and puddles on the driveway can be embarrassing. If your car leaves its “mark” it is often because the engine seals are starting to crack and shrink. The seals are made of rubber, and over time will degrade, which will eventually lead to leaks and seepage. These special conditioners will help the seals to become more flexible and expand. The expansion can also help stop leaks.

In general, a high mileage oil will cost a few dollars more, but in the long run, could also save you money on replacing worn and leaking parts. The benefits outweigh the added expense. Auto experts also note that some of the high mileage oils contain additives that help clean out sludge and prevent engine build up.

Maintaining an older engine is important. Talk with your local auto repair shop and ask your mechanic to give you the low-down on taking care of a “mature” vehicle. They can give you some practical, and invaluable, advice on keeping your car running smoothly for the long haul. Take care of your vehicle, and it will take care of you!

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