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How to Manage Mind-Blowing Auto Repair Costs

GWAR Repair FinancingThere isn’t much worse than getting an auto repair bill that makes you want to fall to your knees, punch something, tear your hair out and cry at the same time. But most of us have been in that situation where we had to find a way to pay for some major repairs because our vehicle was older, had high-mileage and was no longer under warranty. Are you prepared for hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars in auto repairs at any moment in time? Many Americans are simply not prepared for that.

What can you do if your repair bill is too high to pay out of pocket?

A recent article from Ask the Money Coach has some great tips for helping people in this intense, stressful financial situation.

  1. Put those negotiating skills to the test and ask your auto mechanic for some available discounts, specials, payment plans, etc.
  1. Shop around and get a second opinion. Unless the work needs to be done at that shop at that time, you could probably take it to a few places for a free estimate and go with the lowest bid.
  1. Barter with someone who can do it for you. Do you have someone in the neighborhood that is handy with vehicles? They need to be a professional. Don’t take your vehicle to any ol’ Joe on the corner. But if there is someone who you could trade services with, it may be an option.
  1. Get a loan from a family member or a friend. This is a tricky one! It’s hard to ask for help but if those necessary auto repairs will affect your livelihood, you may have to set that pride aside.
  1. Use a credit card. High interest rates will have you paying even more, but sometimes, an emergency needs to be handled.
  1. Sell personal items for quick cash. Sad but true.

Are there other options?

Come on in to our auto repair shop and we’ll help get you set up with auto repair financing if we can. We have partnered with GE Capital and EasyPay Finance – to give you options to pay for those repairs over time and still keep your vehicle on the road. After all, you need it for everything – family, work and your life in general!

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