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How can you improve driving safety? Smartphone Apps!

GWAR Smartphone AppsDriving safety is a huge concern, and by now, most of us are aware that using our phones while driving is one of the most dangerous things we can do in the car. Looking down at a text message, checking email and Snapchatting are exceptionally dangerous and have been the cause of way too many accidents.

Smartphones are here to stay, but we need to use them responsibly. One way to use them sensibly when we are in our vehicles, is to download some driving apps. There are some apps out there that not only make driving easier, but perhaps safer as well.


To start with, most of us use the GPS function on our smartphones almost daily. This function provides handsfree guidance to wherever our destination is, but many smartphones do not offer information regarding police presence, red light cameras, or even alternative ways to avoid traffic.

One app that does is Waze. Waze utilizes information from its many users to let you know when there are accidents up ahead, vehicles stalled on the side of the road and even if there are police officers lurking in the bushes. It also notifies you on which stop lights are photo-enforced.

Probably the best function of Waze is alerting you on how much traffic lies ahead. It automatically recalculates to provide you the best, fastest and traffic-free way to your destination. This reduces the need for you to figure out for yourself the best way to avoid traffic, thus making your commute safer.

Gas Buddy

For those who dread filling up at the first gas station they see because they either don’t have time, or can’t seem to find a cheaper station, there’s an app for that! Gas Buddy is great because it offers a selection of nearby gas stations for your choosing. This app uses your location to pinpoint the closest, cheapest gas stations, so you don’t have to stress over where to get off the highway on your road trips. Don’t drive stressed, people!


As the technology in our vehicles improves, newer features are added to improve our driving experiences. Some of these technologies, such as lane keeping assistance, blind spot detection, and adaptive cruise control, are not found in those vehicles that are less than brand new. However, iOnRoad is an app that turns your smartphone into a lane keeping assistant and a cruise control inspector. Keeping you safe and aware of your surroundings.

So for those who can’t do without their smartphones, even in the car, do yourself a favor and download some of these apps. You’ll end up thanking yourself in the long run.

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