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Extreme Temperatures: Why is my Car Overheating?

overheated engineAs many of us know, the hot temperatures here in Arizona can take a toll on our vehicles. Not only can it lead to certain mechanical failures in our cars, but it can also cause an overheated engine. However, what many of us might not know, is that cold weather can also cause issues with overheating, even though it seems contrary to the matter.

While we may not be too familiar with below freezing temperatures here in Tempe, they too can take a toll on our vehicles. As the temperature drops below freezing, the coolant in our cooling system can gel up, leading to a blockage and therefore a lack of circulation. It is this lack of circulation that renders our cooling system useless, and leaves our vehicle unable to cool itself, which causes overheating. A simple way to fix this is to keep our cars in a garage during the winter months, and make sure that it does not sit idle for weeks on end.

Even if we might not experience issues with our cars overheating in the winter months, the gelling that can occur in freezing temperatures may have lasting effects into the summer months. Because there is a lack of circulation associated with the cold, internal components of your cooling system can be damaged. If this occurs, it is only a matter of time before our cooling system fails and we find ourselves stranded on the side of the road. Taking your car to a local auto repair shop for an automotive cooling system service is recommended to make sure any damages are taken care of as soon as possible.

Heat, as we all know, is one of a vehicle’s worst enemies. If the temperature outside reaches extreme levels, the engine can run too hot and cause a myriad of issues. Not only can the internal components of your cooling system malfunction, but the engine itself can suffer damage. So as spring and summer roll around, it’s a good time to take your vehicle in for preventative maintenance. Staying on top of your car will help keep you on the road longer.

Extreme temperatures are something of a nuisance, to both us and our vehicles. However, a cooling system service every 1-2 years can help prevent any damages caused by either the heat or the cold.  Keeping up with preventative maintenance helps assure that your car stays running smoothly, even when the heat or the cold is out to get us.

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