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Importance of Vehicle Emissions Planning

Tweet   When we drive a vehicle, we are giving off emissions into the atmosphere that can really add up and cause damage. How much of our emissions we give off, is monitored by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). Why? Because we want to make sure our air is safe to breathe, and […]

Which auto repairs top the list?

Tweet When you own a vehicle, you know that auto repairs are almost always a given at some point down the line. Hopefully they’ll occur while your vehicle is still under warranty, but many times they do not. Even with proper preventative maintenance, you are still likely to have some minor repairs done at some […]

Air Quality and Vehicle Emissions: A Direct Relationship

Tweet Here in Arizona, vehicle emission testing has been made mandatory for both vehicle and environmental reasons. In the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, increased vehicles on the road also means an increase in air pollution from the cars. Air pollution from vehicle emissions is a danger to public health, which is why the Arizona […]

Do You Know the Benefits of Preventative Maintenance?

Tweet Our automobiles are truly amazing machines that are expected to function in rain, snow, wind and good weather too. A well maintained vehicle speaks volumes about the owner; more importantly, it will not desert us when we need it most. We rely on our vehicles to get us everywhere and we don’t make time […]

What’s the purpose of vehicle emissions testing?

Tweet This week’s news brings several articles regarding vehicle emissions testing. Some states are revamping their testing process to save money, other states are debating extending testing to rural parts of their state, and some are even revolting because a number of testing facilities have been cheating the system and passing cars that were never […]

Eye Glasses Won’t Help This Time

Tweet Did you know that you could see TWICE as far if there weren’t so much air pollution? According to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality in most western states, the typical visual ranges is about 60 to 90 miles, which is half of what you would be able to see without so much haze-causing […]