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Simple Car Maintenance Tips for Summer Road Trips

Tweet Packing up the car and hitting the road is on everyone’s calendar right now. Before you hit the road however, it is important to have your local auto repair shop perform a few basic car maintenance items. Tires Let’s start with the tires that hit the pavement. Bald, slick tires are hazardous on the […]

Importance of Vehicle Emissions Planning

Tweet   When we drive a vehicle, we are giving off emissions into the atmosphere that can really add up and cause damage. How much of our emissions we give off, is monitored by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). Why? Because we want to make sure our air is safe to breathe, and […]

How can you improve driving safety? Smartphone Apps!

Tweet Driving safety is a huge concern, and by now, most of us are aware that using our phones while driving is one of the most dangerous things we can do in the car. Looking down at a text message, checking email and Snapchatting are exceptionally dangerous and have been the cause of way too […]

Help! My Car is Shaking Like Crazy!

Tweet What causes a vehicle to vibrate? Have you ever been driving along and suddenly the steering wheel on your car is vibrating out of control? Almost every driver has experienced some sort of shaky, bumpy or vibrating driving from time to time. Don’t Ignore It Never ignore those shakes and shimmers; they could be […]

Damaging Your Vehicle One Bad Habit at a Time

Tweet We are all guilty of some driving habits that aren’t exactly what we were taught in driving school or in driver’s education. But it’s easy to fall into the habit of doing something, and it can be hard to reverse it. However, here at Good Works Auto Repair, our main goal is to maintain […]

Driving Laws for School Zones

Tweet September means football season returns, pumpkin-flavored everything, and kids head back to school. While many districts here in Arizona go to school year round, all of us here at Good Works Auto Repair thought that it would be a good idea to review our State’s traffic laws for busses and school zones. Keeping our […]

No, We Don’t Sell Bigger Steering Wheels

Tweet Have you ever wondered why buses and big rigs have those huge steering wheels, sometimes with the little swivel knob? It’s because it takes a lot more effort and turning of the steering wheel to navigate a simple turn and the larger steering wheel makes the job easier. Maybe your car or pickup is […]

Sink or Swim: Would you Know How to Escape?

Tweet The images are gut-wrenching and the stories are horrifying. A car plunging into water could cause panic in any driver or passenger. And the danger is there for numerous reasons that are beyond any humans’ control. Oklahoma City survivor Kevin Chaney said “I was scared to death…” after he lost control of his car […]

Do You Text and Drive?

Tweet It’s hard to believe but 47% of adults say they have been guilty of DWT – Driving While Texting. Most of us think it is just something the “young” folks do. It is in part generational, but it is affecting all ages of drivers. Part of the problem is there is no social stigma […]