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There’s Nothing Worse Than a Car That Won’t Start

Tweet You’re in an empty parking lot and your car won’t start. You’re already late for work and you can’t start your vehicle in your driveway. You’re trying to leave the grocery store with items that need to get in the freezer and your vehicle won’t start. It’s frustrating and stressful! Sure, many times these […]

How to Find a Quality Auto Repair Shop

Tweet So, you’re new in town and need a simple auto repair. But how do you decide where to take your vehicle? Anyone can hop online and search for an auto repair shop, but how do you know if it’s a good shop or not? The best time to find a repair shop is BEFORE […]

How to Manage Mind-Blowing Auto Repair Costs

Tweet There isn’t much worse than getting an auto repair bill that makes you want to fall to your knees, punch something, tear your hair out and cry at the same time. But most of us have been in that situation where we had to find a way to pay for some major repairs because […]

5 Tips From a Mechanic

Tweet   In any relationship, communication between two people is important, and communication between you and your auto repair shop along with the auto mechanics that work there are no exception. Being able to let your mechanic know what has happened to your vehicle is vital to efficient and practical repair services. You don’t want to spend […]

Overpaying for Repairs Ends with the Right Repair Shop

Tweet Americans are over-paying for auto repairs for numerous reasons, but the bottom line is that they may not be choosing the right auto repair shop who will give honest recommendations as well as providing the appropriate repairs to keep their vehicle running smoothly and safely on the road. It is important to know just how to […]

Old Tires May be a Ticking Time Bomb

Tweet   Old tires are a serious problem and are often under-reported and lack awareness. It is probably the most serious threat to your life when it comes to your vehicle and to the millions of other drivers world-wide. Even if you are mostly a city-driver who only makes short trips, tire failure can still affect you. […]

Reducing Main Source of Air Pollution in Metro Areas

Tweet April 29-May 3 was Air Quality Awareness Week and the perfect time to promote the importance of reducing air pollution. By properly maintaining your vehicle’s emission system and passing state-required emissions testing, you can maintain quality air and protect our environment. Everyone benefits from improved air quality when the release of excessive vehicle emissions […]

Staying out of a slippery situation

Tweet Hy·dro·plane (Spelled [hahy-druh-pleyn] noun, verb, hy·dro·planed, hy·dro·plan·ing.  Also aquaplane. (of a vehicular tire or vehicle) to ride on a film of water on a wet surface with a resulting decrease in braking and steering effectiveness. Hydroplaning here in the Tempe area and most of Arizona doesn’t necessarily mean excessive water, but a different type […]

Trusted Auto Repair in the Phoenix Area

Tweet We offer many services, but one that we think you deserve the most here at your trusted Tempe auto repair and Mesa auto repair is as simple as changing your air filter. An air filter is just a small component of the amazing systems which make up your vehicle and keep it running at […]