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Clunk! Signs it’s Time to Schedule a Tune-up

Tweet Do you ever wonder if the sound your vehicle is making is normal? If it sounds like you’re grinding silverware in a blender every time you start your car, it’s a no brainer that your car needs a trip to the auto repair shop. But sometimes it’s not that easy to know when we […]

What Makes a Female Friendly Auto Repair Shop?

Tweet   There has been a focus lately on finding female friendly auto repair shops, and for good reasons. Historically, auto repair has been solidly in the “man camp” but all of that is changing; female customers make up 60% – 70% of repair shop clients these days. Women today make more than half of […]

Don’t let your brakes break the bank!

Tweet There are many parts of a car that we tend to see people ignore until they break – and then suddenly what could have been inexpensive preventative maintenance is suddenly a major repair that is expensive. Brakes are one of those things that are quick and painless to take care of, but can easily run […]

Safe Driving Starts with Vehicle Maintenance

Tweet There are many safe driving tips out there, and they are excellent to follow, but many drivers don’t realize that safe driving actually starts with the car itself! If a vehicle is not safe, then the driver and those around them are not safe either. In fact, at least five percent of all accidents could […]

Spring Maintenance Brings Summer Fun

Tweet Have you ever planned a road trip or vacation only to be let down by your vehicle? Summer is a popular time to hit the road, but you won’t go very far if your vehicle isn’t ready… even though you may be. You and the kids have been waiting all year to enjoy time […]

Breaking Down Out of Town

Tweet As if the holidays aren’t stressful enough when you’re traveling out of town – imagine breaking down and not knowing why or where to bring your vehicle! The added costs of vehicle repairs around the holidays are enough to make anyone go crazy. According to AAA, travel breakdowns around the holidays are more common […]

Important Safety Tips for Aging Drivers

Tweet We can’t help service your vehicle if you aren’t safe on the roads. Many of our clients are aging drivers, worried about how they can stay safer on the roads and still be independent enough to drive themselves around town without causing danger to themselves or others. There are plenty of things senior drivers […]

ABS System Advantages

Tweet Many drivers are not aware of the features offered in their vehicle. We know where the CD player is, if there is an MP3 jack, where the gas gauge is, and other common features. But do you know if your vehicle has antilock brakes? Most newer vehicles offer ABS as either standard or optional […]

Improving Auto Repair Experiences

Tweet We aim to please all of our customers with professional technicians and excellent customer service. We try to make your repairs as easy and painless as they can be, but also recommend you bring your vehicle in routinely for preventative maintenance services. Regular maintenance, according to one article from Fox News, “keeps a vehicle […]

Paying attention to your vehicle may save money in the end

Tweet By seeing, feeling, and hearing differences in your vehicle’s performance and driving, you could save yourself thousands of dollars in auto repairs. We have all put off bringing our car to our mechanic because we didn’t think we could afford the repairs. But too many times, drivers wait too long and end up paying […]