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Proper Stopping and Steering Means Safer Drivers

Tweet With so many vehicles on the roads these days, Good Works Auto Repair wants to keep you safer than ever by reminding you of a few driving habits that could make a difference down the road. We know that a safe vehicle means a properly maintained vehicle, but there are a few things all […]

Budget for Auto Repair or Buy New: Which is better?

Tweet   It’s the question that has been haunting drivers for decades. Do you keep your vehicle and budget money for auto repairs or do you buy a new vehicle once your warranty is up? No one wants to put tons of money into major automotive repairs, but if your vehicle is paid off and […]

Should you Repair your Vehicle or Buy New?

Tweet So, you’ve had your vehicle for a while and now you’ve noticed that you’ve been putting more and more money into it for auto repairs. After a while, this gets very stressful and very annoying. You constantly say that you refuse to put another penny into fixing your vehicle, but then you break down […]

Safe Driving Starts with Vehicle Maintenance

Tweet There are many safe driving tips out there, and they are excellent to follow, but many drivers don’t realize that safe driving actually starts with the car itself! If a vehicle is not safe, then the driver and those around them are not safe either. In fact, at least five percent of all accidents could […]

Replacing Your Fuel Filter

Tweet The effects of replacing a fuel filter appropriately could end up saving you hundreds of dollars down the road. Our recent video shows the ins and outs of fuel filter replacement and the costly and dangerous consequences of ignoring this preventative maintenance service. The technicians at Good Works Auto Repair understand the importance of a clean […]

“Exhausting” Car Problems

Tweet The effort we put into our vehicles can be exhausting, especially when we have to make repairs. Not only can vehicle issues be inconvenient and time-consuming, but the cost and unknown problems can cause a lot of stress. Problems with your exhaust system are not only significant when it comes to your vehicle running […]

Avoid expensive repairs – Make your differential last longer

Tweet Ever wonder how when your car turns, its outside wheels could turn about five feet further than the inside wheels? How is this possible when they both keep turning? This is the job for something called your differential, and we want to share some tips to keep yours lasting longer. The differential is, in […]