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Factory Parts or Aftermarket?

Did you know that choosing an aftermarket part could cost you more in repairs year after year? In basic vehicle repairs there may be little or no difference between a factory made part and an aftermarket part, but in the case of the catalytic converter there is a lot of difference. Because of advances in vehicle design and part design some aftermarket parts only last for about one year. That means that choosing an aftermarket part could lead you to the same repair year after year costing you far more money than the factory made part would have cost on the first repair.

In a video of Nathan Merrill, owner of Good Works Auto Repair , the catalytic converter is explained in further detail regarding what it does and the difference between factory built and aftermarket and what that difference could cost you. In the past using the universal part would have been an ok choice, but in today’s cars it is no longer that easy. Choosing the universal catalytic converter for the first repair to save $500 could mean a total replacement of not only the converter, but also the rest of the exhaust pipe within just a year! This total repair would be far more than you would have spent choosing the factory built catalytic converter the first time around. Saving $500 only to spend $1500 is certainly reason to reconsider our parts manufacturer.

To watch the video, click here .

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