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Oil filters, is there a difference between the brands?

Every automobile owner knows that getting the oil changed at regular intervals is very important. We all know the drill, every 3000-5000 miles and we need to change the oil. Whether we head for the auto repair center or change it ourselves, it simply needs done. Many people change their own oil at home and some drive to the auto repair center and ask the pros to change it for them. Either way is a fine way of getting this regular maintenance project done.

The oil filter is located on the side of the engine block and is a key component in safeguarding the vehicle’s engine. An oil pump circulates the oil through the engine; it circulates engine oil as it passes through the oil filter. The oil filter goes to work by protecting the engine by blocking large particles that might cause harm to the engine if allowed to circulate freely through it. Oil filters also protect the engine by preserving a tiny fraction of oil when the car engine is turned off. An engine at a standstill enables oil to drain into the bottom of the engine, this leaves the moving parts at the top of the engine without the proper lubrication it needs when the car has to be started again. This problem is easily fixed by the filter retaining a small amount of oil in the anti-drain back valve to quickly circulate into the top of the engine as soon as it is started again.

The process of filtering oil can be accomplished by any filter on the market. There are several brands of oil filters available to consumers. Since the job of the oil filter is to block large particles and prevent damage to the engine, most any standard of oil filter will do the job. Auto repair centers choose which brands to carry and install in vehicles serviced in their shop based on the quality of the filter. In the current economic situation most consumers are concerned with the cost of repairs and parts. We like to keep our expenses to a minimum while keeping our vehicles in good running condition. Keeping this in mind, service centers are doing their best to offer parts and repairs that will appeal to every consumer to fit their individual situation, while still providing maximum protection.

It is very important to know the life of the oil and filter in our vehicles; it directly affects the lifespan of our vehicle. Every day we climb into the car and drive whether for work or play. We expect top performance out of our vehicles, but we have to take care of all the regular maintenance in order to get that performance. Be aware of the recommended maintenance schedule for oil and oil filter changes in the vehicle owner’s manual. These books aren’t meant to just hang out in the glove box, use them for guidance on all the maintenance your vehicle might need. If you want further direction, your local auto repair center has professional servicemen that can answer your questions. Understanding what your car needs and when it needs it will keep the wheels turning in the right direction, down the road to the next destination.

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