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Help! My Car is Shaking Like Crazy!

What causes a vehicle to vibrate?

Have you ever been driving along and suddenly the steering wheel on your car is vibrating out of control? Almost every driver has experienced some sort of shaky, bumpy or vibrating driving from time to time.

Don’t Ignore It

Never ignore those shakes and shimmers; they could be a simple fix now, that could turn into a more expensive auto repair in the future. To make matters worse, it could be a serious safety concern if you ignore the vibrating. Make sure you see your local repair shop and have the problem evaluated by a certified auto mechanic.

The Main Culprits

tire replacementOne reason for the steering wheel to vibrate may be due to a tire or tire balancing problem. Have your auto repair shop find out where it’s coming from. If there are no issues with the wheels or bearings, the problem may lie in the suspension. A car’s suspension includes many components that are all involved in steering. Some of these components include shocks, struts, tie rods and steering dampers. A trained auto repair technician will be able to diagnose the problem and let you know what parts are in need of fixing or replacing.

Do you notice a slight vibration when applying the brakes? Worn brake pads, disks or rotors could be the problem. Your repair shop will be able to evaluate your vehicle’s brake system and suggest any necessary repairs.

If the problem of shaking seems to be coming from inside the engine bay, then it may be one of the motor mounts. A worn motor mount can cause some violent vibrations of the engine which can be felt inside the vehicle.  Have a technician inspect your engine mounts, open the hood, and look at the mounting bolts or rubber inserts. They will be able to tell if the inserts are worn or cracked and if the mounts will need to be replaced. If the bolts are off center the mounts will need to be properly adjusted.

Don’t Take a Chance

Vehicle vibrations might seem like a minor annoyance, but without proper care, they could turn into a serious safety concern. It’s important to have your vehicle evaluated at a repair shop to determine the cause of the vibrations. It could be a simple tire rotation that is needed, but what if it’s something more dangerous, like an engine ready to fall out? Don’t take a chance – have an auto mechanic give it a thorough run through to make sure you are safe.

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